eMurmur can record, document and integrate. eMurmur can analyze and diagnose. eMurmur is HIPAA compliant and awaiting FDA clearance.

Learn more about the benefits for healthcare providers, payers, and the clinical evidence backing eMurmur

Standardization for
reducing variability

Healthcare Providers

Contact us to find out more about how eMurmur can be utilized by healthcare providers and professionals to reduce auscultation diagnosis variability, enhance practice services, manage and monitor patient flows, optimize intake efficiency, offer heart and lung health home monitoring, move toward an ACO model, and more.

Reducing cost and
increasing efficiency

Payers & Employers

Contact us to find out more about how eMurmur can be utilized for efficient heart health screenings, increasing patient engagement, easier access to expert consultations, reducing costs by eliminating unnecessary and expensive testing, increasing intervention traceability, eliminating waste through standardization, and more.

Hard evidence
for objective clarity

Clinical Evidence

eMurmur has undergone vigorous clinical testing and validation in several blinded international clinical trials, analyzing and classifying heart sounds from over 1500 patients. Contact us for details on our data driven approaches and clinical evidence.