eMurmur can record, document and integrate. eMurmur can analyze and diagnose. eMurmur is HIPAA compliant and awaiting FDA clearance.

Learn more about the benefits for healthcare providers, payers, and the clinical evidence backing eMurmur

Standardization for
reducing variability

Healthcare Providers

eMurmur offers health care providers the opportunity to introduce standardization to the treatment and management of heart murmur patients.
Our system yields electronic documentation of digital auscultation sessions including recordings and findings. Simple API access and digital pdf reports of auscultation sessions allow for electronic integration into the HIS.
Contact us to find out more about how eMurmur can be utilized by healthcare providers and professionals to reduce auscultation diagnosis variability, enhance practice services, manage and monitor patient flows, optimize intake efficiency, offer heart and lung health home monitoring, move toward an ACO model, and more. Join the growing list of hospitals that are currently testing eMurmur in their clinics!

Reducing cost and
increasing efficiency

Payers & Employers

Waste in the health care system is to a large extend driven by the over-prescription of expensive diagnostic testing; this has so far also included the evaluation of heart murmurs. With eMurmur, we are offering a tool that lets you check for murmurs with the accuracy of an expert cardiologist but in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.
eMurmur gets more of the right patients to specialist physicians. By electronically storing digital auscultation sessions, eMurmur gives you critical data insight to start reducing variability and optimizing patient care.
Contact us to find out more about how eMurmur can be utilized for efficient heart health screenings, increasing patient engagement, easier access to expert consultations, reducing costs, increasing intervention traceability, eliminating waste through standardization, and more.

Hard evidence
for objective clarity

Clinical Evidence

eMurmur is the world’s only heart sound analysis software that has undergone blinded, prospective clinical trials, yielding detailed performance data that shows such high sensitivity and specificity in the detection of heart murmurs. In addition to prospective studies, eMurmur has undergone vigorous clinical testing, including large-scale blinded retrospective trials. To date, eMurmur has analyzed and classified heart sounds from over 1500 patients.
Contact us for details on our growing body of clinical evidence which is continuously being published in medical journals and presented at conferences, or join a growing list of top US hospitals currently testing eMurmur in their clinics.