eMurmur Connect

The digital auscultation platform.

eMurmur Connect enables providers to perform virtual auscultation; facilitates the recording and live streaming of cardiac and pulmonary sounds; specialist review and consult; electronic case reporting of auscultation sessions, and more. 

Coming soon for iOS and Android.


Virtual Auscultation: At-Home & In-Clinic

With eMurmur Connect, providers can perform heart and pulmonary auscultation remotely. Patients’ heart and lung sounds are transmitted in real time at lossless quality. A variety of custom designed filter options enable a stethoscope-like hearing experience. 

eMurmur Connect is a platform that supports multiple electronic stethoscope brands. Providers can pick their favorite stethoscope from our growing list of supported devices.

eMurmur Connect is designed to work well alongside existing telehealth platforms, either via the eMurmur Connect browser-based web portal, or via API-integration into existing solutions. Adding eMurmur Connect to an existing telehealth solution allows providers to virtually assess cardiac and pulmonary health.

Designed for Providers & Patients

The patient-facing interface allows the provider to listen to patients’ heart and lung sounds, allowing the patient to remain in the safety and comfort of their own home. The provider is in control 100% of the time and patients are never required to enter any information. 

The provider-to-provider interface allows for provider feedback at a consulting site, both in real time and asynchronously.


How It Works

Provider w/ Patient to Provider

The primary care provider is with the patient and live streams auscultation sounds to a consulting provider, who hears and sees the sounds via eMurmur's browser-based web portal. The consulting provider receives & records heart and lung sounds in real time and lossless audio quality, has various audio filter options and provides feedback to the primary care provider.

Provider w/ Patient to Provider

The primary care provider is with the patient, stores the auscultation data in the secure eMurmur cloud, and requests remote consultation. The consulting expert reviews the case, including heart and lung sound recordings, patient history, and any primary care provider's comments. Consulting feedback is provided via the web portal.

Direct to Patient

eMurmur Connect includes a patient-facing interface that connects providers with patients at home.
The patient at home self-navigates the stethoscope as per provider instructions. Heart and lung sounds are live streamed to the provider, who hears the high fidelity sounds via the web portal and can trigger remote recordings.