eMurmur University

Classroom-led app for instructors teaching and testing recognition of heart murmurs

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Feature Overview

Ability to stream specific real-patient heart sounds to multiple trainees, facilitated by an instructor.

Group testing with immediate results to help increase learning, redirect teaching, and maintain energy of audience.

Designed for all types of trainees learning auscultation, including nursing, physician assistant, and medical students.

All murmur recordings are verified by gold standard echocardiogram and cardiologist reading.

Library of 60+ pathologies, includes all rare and common murmur types.

eMurmur Primer

Training and self-testing app to help you better recognize benign and pathological heart sounds and murmurs

Coming soon: Earn up to 22 CE credits through eMurmur Primer

Feature Overview

Graduated learning modules ranging from novice to advanced, based on a tested and peer-reviewed heart sound identification method for self-paced learning.

Receive immediate feedback during training and measure what you’ve learned through self testing.

Background reading materials on heart anatomy, heart defects, murmurs and more.

Visual displays of heart sounds & frequencies, S1, S2, heart rate and more.

Pause, resume, repeat and scroll through murmur recordings at your own pace.

eMurmur Heartpedia

Designed for patients, families and medical professionals.

In partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

3D interactive heart models, including corresponding heart murmur recordings, video animations, audio and descriptions.

Interactive explanations of the defects and the details of each condition.

Coming soon for iOS and Android!

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