AI-based heart murmur detection solution

Designed for all healthcare providers performing auscultation.

eMurmur ID analyzes heart sounds recorded with an electronic stethoscope. Our AI detects the presence of a murmur and determines if it is innocent or pathological with expert-level accuracy. Works on all ages and within seconds. Tested on 2,000+ patients.

How eMurmur ID works

Record heart sounds on mobile device

Takes 15-20 seconds, includes real-time signal quality check. Sends data to cloud for analysis.

Receive AI analysis on mobile device

Takes less than 3 seconds to receive results on mobile device.

Access results, recordings & documentation

Access to web portal for patient management and electronic documentation.

Request and receive expert consultation

Securely share patient entries for expert consultation and telemedicine.

The technology

eMurmur ID uses advanced machine learning to identify and classify pathologic and innocent heart murmurs, the absence of a heart murmur, the heart rate and S1/S2 markers. The end-to-end solution is comprised of AI-based analytics, a mobile app, and a web portal – all FDA cleared, HIPAA compliant and CE marked. It supports the workflows of healthcare providers performing cardiac auscultation and has multiple applications including primary and specialty care, telemedicine, and corporate health.

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Key features

End-to-end mobile and cloud based software solution


App records both heart and lung sounds and displays results in seconds


AI engine detects and classifies heart murmurs with high accuracy


Clinical Evidence

Validated through prospective clinical trials, blinded and multi-centered


Telemedicine application to share live and offline recordings



Web portal for remote 24/7 access, expert consultations, and PDF reporting


Heart murmur detection:
the past vs future

Heart disease is the leading cause of death globally for both men and women, causing 31% of all deaths annually. Heart auscultation (meaning “to listen with a stethoscope”) is a 200+ year-old method to screen for heart disease by listening for abnormal heart sounds (murmurs), used worldwide for patients of all ages. It’s an integral step in providing primary care. However, heart auscultation is subjective in nature and studies have shown accuracy rates amongst primary care providers to be as low as 20-25%. With an accuracy rate of over 85%, eMurmur ID makes expert-level auscultation accessible to any healthcare provider performing auscultation without the need for specialty training.

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Clinical work

Clinical studies completed: 5
Clinical studies ongoing: 3
Data from patients analyzed: 1,000+
Heart sound recordings analyzed: 3,000+
Heart murmurs classified: 1,500+
Heart beats analyzed: 50,000+
Heart rates ranges detected: 50-180 bpm
Patient populations: newborns, children, youth, adults, elderly
Clinically observed sensitivity: 85.0%
Clinically observed specificity: 86.7%

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