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Disclaimer: eMurmur ID is an investigational device, awaiting FDA approval. Not yet for sale. Intended for US residents only.


Artificial Intelligence
for medical applications.


SADIE is CSD Lab’s artificial intelligence platform technology, and eMurmur ID is its first application. SADIE autonomously analyzes digital heart sound recordings, and is clinically validated to accurately detect and classify heart murmurs. It is robust against environmental noise and equipped to handle breathing sounds and crying. Using a few seconds of recording, SADIE accurately determines the positions of the heart sounds, distinguishes between systole and diastole and calculates the presence of a murmur and its type, timing and grading. SADIE has undergone significant clinical blinded testing which is continuously being published in medical journals and conferences.
SADIE takes the subjectivity and variability out of auscultation analysis, replacing it with objective, analytical clarity that removes examiner and patient uncertainty.

Live visualization,
playback & analysis.

eMurmur ID Mobile App

The eMurmur ID mobile app is designed to work with a variety of commercially available electronic stethoscopes. Incoming sounds – heart or lung – are recorded and displayed in real time. The app includes intelligent noise detection algorithms, assisting the user in real time to achieve the best possible recording quality.
Additional features include in-app recording playback, multiple recordings per patient, electronic filing and sharing options, and a state-of-the art API for telemedicine integration. Our app is tightly integrated into our HIPPA-compliant backend servers. Highest security standards are employed including end-to-end encryption and professional user authentication services.
Our usability-driven app design ensures smooth and easy-to use workflow integration in the busy setting of real-life patient care. Several clinical usability studies have confirmed that eMurmur ID meets the needs of a broad spectrum of health care professionals including physicians and nurses as well as others who perform digital auscultation.

Electronic documentation of
auscultation records

eMurmur ID Web Portal

The eMurmur ID web portal allows users to comprehensively review and manage all auscultation records for their patients. With a mobile-compatible interface and cross-browser compatibility, content on the HIPAA-compliant eMurmur ID web portal is secure, easily accessible and consistent across different web browsers and devices. Your files are available on an easy-to-view interface and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
The Web Portal’s grid design enables findings to be easily reviewed and compared, provides a heart sounds playback feature, allows auscultation reports to be downloaded or integrated with other electronic health record management systems. Its telemedicine features include an e-Consultation function for remote expert review of auscultation records