Littmann Learning

The app for auscultation education.

Now educators and students can have access to heart sounds and murmurs, learning modules and more anywhere, anytime. Littmann Learning – powered by eMurmur – gives users access to real patient heart sounds and murmurs to help educate and test in the recognition of heart murmurs.

Put the power of improved listening in your pocket. This powerful app is designed to help users better recognize benign and pathological heart sounds and murmurs. It reinforces learning by offering self-directed learning modules directly on the student’s phone.


  • Visual display combined with audio of heart sounds and frequencies

  • Self-paced learning and testing

  • Background reading material

  • Graduated learning modules ranging from novice to advanced


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CE Accredited Product

Littmann Learning – powered by eMurmur – is accredited by Partners in Healthcare Education, LLC, accredited by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

I have loved spending time learning with Littmann Learning. This app provides the user with a fun but informative way to improve heart sound recognition. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to hearing from other nurse practitioners and nurses who want to hone their cardiac auscultation skills, all while earning CE, from the convenience of their phone

Adult/Family Nurse Practitioner


Earn CE credits on your iPhone or iPad

The Continuing Education packages available through the Littmann Learning app are designed for U.S. nurse practitioners and nurses who are interested in improving their recognition of benign and pathologic heart sounds and murmurs. For iOS only.

CE Packages


This package focuses on the ability to recognize normal heart sounds from abnormal heart sounds by providing a large number of real patient heart sound recordings to listen to and view. Learn how to distinguish heart sounds from breath sounds, how to read a phonocardiogram (a heart sound visualization), how to recognize S1 and S2, clicks, splits, S4 and arrhythmias.


This package focuses on the ability to hear ‘something vs nothing’, i.e. whether a heart murmur is present or absent in heart sound recordings. The package introduces you to audible differences between pathologic and innocent murmurs. For example you will be asked to identify the one heart murmur recording out of a group of four that is either innocent or pathologic.

ADVANCED – 7 Credits

This package focuses on the ability to identify benign and pathologic heart murmurs. You will learn which murmurs warrant further evaluation. E.g. you get to listen to a randomly selected heart sound recording and are tasked to identify the presence and type of murmur. Or you are asked to identify each of four different sounds as being either innocent or pathologic.

ALL-IN – 22 Credits

Purchase all three Littmann Learning CE packages and gain access to the full content. Completing everything will earn you 22 credits. If you don’t need this many credits now, you also have the option to earn credits along the way for any content you completed. For example, you could only work through the FUNDAMENTALS modules (5 credits) and earn more later.

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