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Machine Intelligence
for medical applications.


SADIE, CSD Labs’ proprietary Sounds Analysis and Diagnosis Engine, is the Machine Intelligence Engine powering the eMurmur platform. Built by some of the world’s top engineers, SADIE is the result of years of data driven R&D and extensive clinical testing. SADIE takes the subjectivity and variability out of auscultation analysis, replacing it with objective, analytical clarity that removes examiner and patient uncertainty.

Live visualization,
playback & analysis.

eMurmur Mobile App

The eMurmur app is designed to work with a variety of commercially available electronic stethoscopes. Incoming sounds – heart or lung – are recorded and displayed in real time. The app includes intelligent noise detection algorithms, assisting the user in real time to achieve the best possible recording quality. From start to finish, it takes only a few clicks and less than 30 seconds to receive the SADIE results, right at the patient’s side.

Electronic documentation of
auscultation records

eMurmur Web Portal

The eMurmur web portal allows users to comprehensively manage and integrate all auscultation records. Its grid design enables findings to be easily reviewed and compared, provides a heart sounds playback feature, allows auscultation reports to be downloaded or integrated, and utilizes the advantages of telemedicine via its e-Consultation function, for remote expert review of auscultation records.