Elevating auscultation in every interaction

eMurmur® is a technology partner to the global healthcare community specializing in advanced digital auscultation. Supporting heart, lung, and bowel health, the company seeks to elevate the practice of auscultation in every interaction.

eMurmur partners with leading hardware and telehealth providers to integrate high-definition auscultation technology into healthcare practice, whether delivering in-home, in-clinic, or virtual care. Using AI and advanced engineering, eMurmur and its partners make it possible for healthcare providers to screen, monitor, diagnose, and consult with greater certainty.


Our Founding Story

The story of eMurmur began in Graz, Austria, where founder and CEO Andreas Schriefl, Ph.D., (connect on LinkedIn) and co-founder and CTO Andreas Reinisch, M.Sc., (connect on LinkedIn) met during their Biomedical Engineering studies at the Graz University of Technology. The company was formally incorporated in December 2014 in Graz as CSD Labs®, short for Computational Signal Detection Laboratories. Later the team decided to do business under the product brand name eMurmur.

Why heart murmur detection?

A family member’s 1-month-old baby was diagnosed with a potentially pathological heart murmur by the family’s primary care provider, and referred for a heart ultrasound by an expert. In the end the “pathological murmur” turned out to be benign, but the weeks it took to receive the final diagnosis were understandably stressful and especially worrisome for everyone involved. Experiencing the kind of stress and uncertainty this event caused, and having thought about the broader implications, triggered the idea to look into better ways to objectively detect a heart murmur. The vision to improve the 200 year old method of cardiac auscultation via AI was born.

During the next couple of years the company focused on further technology development and clinical studies for the real world validation of their algorithms, and won some prizes along the way. By mid 2018 eMurmur had grown to include a small business and marketing team to support their expanded product line made up of educational solutions that would revolutionize the way auscultation is being taught in schools and practiced by students, and the clinical solution for automated heart murmur detection. The biggest and hardest won milestone was achieved in 2019, when eMurmur’s heart murmur detection solution finally received FDA (class II) and CE (class IIa) regulatory clearance.


Our Values

Leaders in our space

At eMurmur, we are proud to be the leaders in AI-powered auscultation technology. Our team of PhDs and scientists are continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital auscultation.

Evidence-Based Solutions

We are focused on producing the clinical performance evidence for our algorithms that patients and providers expect and deserve.

Team Collaboration

We welcome all questions and encourage critical conversations as we believe it’s through teamwork that we achieve greatness.

Develop the Culture

Provide a comfortable environment in which everyone can thrive to support personal development & growth.


Medical Advisors

Andrew Redington, MD

Executive Co-Director, Heart Institute; Chief, Pediatric Cardiology; Cincinnati Children’s Hospital; Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Derek Exner, MD

Professor, Department of Cardiac Sciences and Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary; Associate Dean, Clinical Trials, Cumming School of Medicine; Canada Research Chair, Cardiovascular Clinical Trials.

Lillian Lai, MD

Cardiologist, CHEO Hospital; Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa