Advanced Digital Auscultation Within Reach

eMurmur® delivers advanced digital auscultation performance, regardless of the hardware you choose or the telehealth platform you depend on. Using advanced engineering, eMurmur and our partners make it possible for healthcare providers to screen, monitor, diagnose, and consult with greater certainty. We elevate screening for heart, lung, and bowel health, and enable listening to the entire body with clarity highly appreciated to even the trained ear. Using digital auscultation records, we enable enhanced diagnostic capabilities, whether delivering care in-person, remotely, or asynchronously.

Supported digital stethoscopes

The eMurmur platform works with a growing list of digital stethoscopes. Contact us if you want your device to be added to our platform.


Digital stethoscope by Rudolf Riester.
iOS & Android

Thinklabs One

Digital stethoscope by Thinklabs.
iOS & Android

Littmann 3200

Digital stethoscope by 3M Littmann.
Android only.


For a free trial of the eMurmur platform, download the eMurmur app and sign up


Digital Auscultation for Hardware Partners

Our commitment to remaining hardware neutral makes the integration of the eMurmur Connect platform with leading hardware solutions such as electronic stethoscopes quick and seamless. By licensing our technology, hardware providers not only benefit from advanced diagnostic capabilities, they gain a financial stake in our partnership success.


Integrated Solutions for Telehealth Partners

With 75% of health organizations actively planning to invest in telemedicine to enhance patient experience, the need for remote auscultation technology is crucial. eMurmur offers open and advanced digital auscultation capabilities as a license, making us the ideal partner to telehealth providers seeking to quickly and seamlessly grow their offering. Our technology enables assessing patient’s heart, lung, and bowel health – a complete digital auscultation solution – whether in clinic, hospital, or home settings.


An International Leader in Auscultation Education

Our commitment to auscultation education runs deep. Become Smart at Heart with eMurmur’s educational apps. Enjoyed by top medical & nursing schools globally, loved by thousands of students. All apps are available for iOS and Android.


eMurmur Powers 3M Littmann™ University and 3M Littmann™ Learning


Littmann™ University is a mobile application for auscultation teaching powered by eMurmur technology. The app gives instructors the ability to teach and test students to recognize auscultation sounds. Instructors can create virtual classrooms and have easy access to a large library of real patient lung and heart sounds. Littmann™ University has been adopted by medical schools, nursing schools, and physician assistant programs across North America.

Littmann™ Learning is a mobile application for auscultation learning powered by eMurmur technology. It gives students access to real patient heart and lung sounds to help educate and test in the recognition of auscultation sounds.

The Littmann™ Learning app further allows nurses and nurse practitioners in the US to earn 22 Continuing Education (CE) credits through the study of heart sounds and murmurs. The Littmann™ Learning CE programs range from Fundamentals to Advanced and are available for iOS devices.