Are your trainees confident in detecting heart murmurs?

Our academic solution eMurmur University gives you, the instructor, access to our large library of real patient heart sounds and murmurs. All vetted by cardiologists and echocardiograms. Use the app to teach and test the recognition of heart sounds and murmurs. Adopted by medical schools, nursing schools and physician assistant programs across North America.

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How to achieve proficient cardiac auscultation skills

Auditory repetition

Listening accurately for abnormal heart sounds and murmurs requires practice and repeated exposure to heart sounds.

Visual integration

Research shows that viewing the heart sounds while listening makes it easier for learners to understand what they are hearing.


Listening skills deteriorate over time and the ability to self-assess ones accuracy is key to recognizing when more training is needed.

Refresher learning

Regularly scheduled refresher learning of heart sounds ensures that accurate murmur identification skills remain high over time.

Training and self-testing app for students to better recognize benign and pathological heart sounds and murmurs


Graduated learning modules ranging from novice to advanced, based on a tested and peer-reviewed heart sound identification method for self-paced learning.

Receive immediate feedback during training and measure what you’ve learned through self-testing.

Background reading materials on heart anatomy, heart defects, murmurs and more.

Visual displays of heart sounds & frequencies, S1, S2, heart rate and more.

Pause, resume, repeat and scroll through murmur recordings at your own pace.

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Learning about the heart made easy

For anyone interested in heart defects and their repairs, including patients and families. View anatomically correct 3D models for normal, defective and surgically repaired hearts. Listen to their corresponding heart murmurs, watch video animations and listen to text descriptions.

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Created in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.