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Virtual classroom instruction – assessment through group testing

Enhance the auscultation teaching and learning experience by utilizing 1000+ heart sound recordings, each verified by echocardiogram.

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  • Interactive interface, including visual displays of sounds & frequencies.
  • Ability to stream specific heart sounds to multiple users equipped with earphones or electronic stethoscopes, facilitated by an instructor.
  • Group testing with immediate results to help increase learning, redirect teaching, and maintain energy of audience.
  • Graduated learning modules ranging from novice level to advanced cardiology.
  • Large variety of murmur types available as needed.
  • Available 24/7.

eMurmur University for


  • Designed for all students learning auscultation, including nursing and medical students.
  • Students in a virtual classroom can access the content released by the instructor.
  • Focused learning experience.
  • Each module contains background information, training and testing units.
  • Visual playback of sounds & frequencies.

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  • Library of 1000+ sound files from actual patients, including 60+ pathologies.
  • All sound files are verified by gold standard echocardiogram and cardiologist reading.
  • With and without breath sounds.
  • From newborn to elderly.
  • Includes all rare and common murmur types.
  • Sound quality equal to being at the patient’s bedside.
  • Heart rates from 40-200 beats per minute.
  • Heart sounds library is continuously updated and maintained.


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